The 'Carro Matto' of Florence and the festival of the new wine

For a time the wine consumed in Florence came almost exclusively from the Chianti zone, in particular from the areas of Poggibonsi and Rufina. Of the two towns though, it was Rufina that had a rather particular way to celebrate the annual wine harves...


An ethical way to have fun on the Arno Beach

The seaside is far away from the city of Florence, so far in fact that it seems almost impossible to go enjoy the beach and the sun in just a single day. However, for a few years now, it has been possible for the people of Florence to spend a few ho...


Where to go during the summer in Florence: the Off Bar

We are in the heart of summer and all the streets of Florence are empty of locals. The bravest of the tourists cram the museums and flock to the beautiful city monuments during the day - but what about the night? Just beyond the Fortezza da Basso, n...


Why Florence celebrates San Lorenzo

The night of San Lorenzo (Saint Lawrence, in English) is by tradition the night of the shooting stars. It's a night when the Perseid meteor shower crosses the terrestrial orbit, giving the impression of a rainfall of stars. THE TRADITION OF SAN LORE...


Sun in the Duomo. The astronomical secret of the Cathedral

Every year around the summer solstice in June, Florence's Cathedral is host to a truly extraordinary event. Going all the way back to Renaissance times, when the Duomo was in fact used for advanced astronomical observations and calculations, the Cath...


Calcio Storico: the history of the Florentine football

Considered by some to be the ancestor of the modern game of football, Calcio Storico (also known as 'calcio in costume' or 'calcio in livrea') dates all the way back to Renaissance times. A rough pre-cursor to today's global sport, "Florentine Footba...



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