What is the Tuscany Trail?


More than 400 participants are signed up for the third edition of the Tuscany Trail.

An exhilarating and emotional bicycle tour of 600 kilometers across all of Tuscany - the Tuscany Trail is not a race, it's an adventure.

The trip starts on June 2nd 2016 in upper Tuscany, at Massa, near the Apuan Alps, before descending south towards Florence and the Chianti region, then further on to Siena before completing its course in the lower Maremma (the southernmost and wildest part of Tuscany) along the swanky beach of Capalbio.

The journey allows for ample trips through paths hidden in nature, along the trails of wine and olive oil, immersed in the trees along seldom travelled roads. It is really here, along these streets where one can find the most rural Tuscany - and a land of forgotten beauty.

Indeed this year the organizers have literally changed course - promising "less asphalt" and "more trails". But the biggest novelty of this year's edition has been the addition of the Chianti region to the tour stages. No place could be better chosen as a symbol of the wine and vineyards of Florence.

The Tuscany Trail is the only Tuscan event for those who love tranquil bicycle rides, where the importance is placed on enjoying the wonders of Tuscany - among rolling hills, natural springs, and deserted roads - all without time limits. It's a trip for everyone through sport, nature, and art.

The event will take place the 2nd of June, but there's only a month before the registration closes. So hurry up - there are less than 100 spots left!

Tuscany Trail || unsupported bicycle adventure || from Martino Vincenzi on Vimeo.

Data: 01/03/2016 - Category: Events


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