The story of the three architects who built Giotto's Campanile

Giotto's Campanile (or bell-tower) is the name given to the actual bell-tower of the Duomo of Florence. It is a beautiful construction, 85 meters high and split into 5 levels, decorated in white, green, and red marble, which is typical of Florentine ...


The construction of the Brunelleschi dome

Brunelleschi's Dome, with its painted surface of 3,600 square meters of frescoes representing the Final Judgment, is the largest known religious mural. But Brunelleschi's Dome holds another record: it is visible from every part of Florence thanks to...


3 Things to know about the Basilica of San Miniato

This is the second part of a small study we've dedicated to San Miniato. You can find the first part at this address. THE WORKS OF ART OF SAN MINIATO AND THE SOLSTICE MERIDIAN The walls of San Miniato are filled with frescoes dating from the 13 to ...


The Basilica of San Miniato al Monte and the first martyr of Florence

Only 5 minutes from Piazzale Michelangelo, in the highest part of Florence, is situated a church of Roman origins whose splendor is rivaled only by the Baptistry. The Basilica di San Miniato a Monte is in fact located above the Piazzale and from its ...


The marvelous square of Piazza Santa Croce

The city of Florence is filled with many beautiful piazzas. From popular squares filled with tourists from around the world, to the smaller, hidden piazzas preferred by the local Florentines - the city has a plethora from which to take your pick. Bu...


The gardens, museum and views of the beautiful Villa Bardini

Tucked away in the San Niccolo neighborhood of Oltrarno is one of the hidden delights of Florence - the spectacular gardens of the Villa Bardini. Only recently opened to the public, the villa and gardens are a splendid place to visit some lesser-know...


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